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Rabu, 28 Desember 2011


On this day, there are so precious things happened to my life.
I watched my favorite writer in Gramedia Expo.
He is Raditya Dika in this third Indie Clothing.
He launched in the second anniversary of Coffee Toffee Surabaya.
Damnly great. \m/

Not So Clear :p

Took it from much away with no DSLR :D

I came to Indie Clothing with :
1. Finina Wahyudi
2. Koes Cahyaning
3. Kharolin Alqorni
4. Femmy Adisurya
5. Dwi Tarina
6. Bimo Bagus
7. Hanif Mustaqim
8. Resnu Pulloh

What a great night with the greatest friend in the world..

God in His wisdom and His love very often sends His angels down to walk with us. We know them best as "friends".

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